Robert Herdlein

Patrick Finnucane


Open Studio

Open Studio" is an NEA Web site project which has area affiliations throughout the US. I was chosen to participate while I lived in Seattle. Through the web, the NEA is encouraging creative approaches to technology.

Project Description

The possibility of art being seen as a verb is the main idea underlying my project for Open Studio.

I'm very interested in the different ways that artists can choose to utilize their creativity and imagination within their communities. I've found that the Web, besides being an amazing medium unto itself, has tremendous potential as a means by which to pursue these ideas.

My Open Studio project focused on children in difficult circumstances.

The project had three components which are linked from this page.


The Children's Crusade
Web project based on historical event.
(Updated version of project).

Safe Crossings
Working with Hospice of Seattle, I designed an interactive Web site for Safe Crossings, an anticipatory grief program they have available for children up to the age of eighteen.

I redesigned their Web site. Based in Burien, Washington, they provide care, resources and shelter for troubled and at-risk children and their families. They also have programs within the community that work with children and families.

Note: Since the project was completed, the RDCC site has been redesigned by another party.